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Aluminium Curtain Walls

Curtain walls system is an impressive basic system for façades and skylight areas with a high level of flexibility and attractive design options, including optimised fabrication and installation processes.

Structural Glazed Curtain wall

A timeless aesthetic combined with maximum functionality – Structural Glazing façade system with 50 mm face width enables large-scale, all-glass façades including double insulating glass for excellent thermal insulation.

The system can be designed in a flush-fitted all-glass look or in a semi-Structural Glazing look.

Additional design freedom is provided by the comprehensive cover cap range: a horizontal or vertical emphasis on the façade can create attractive architectural features.

Compatibility with window system ensures extra functionality and user comfort: the manually or mechanically operated insert units with outward-opening projected top-hung or parallel-opening windows can be integrated into the all-glass façade with a visually homogeneous look, even for large-format solutions.

Curtain wall façade and roof system offers incredible building speed, unlimited design freedom and exceptional performance. A full glass façade with glass panels that are structurally glued to the profiles.

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Slimline Aluminium Curtain Wall

A visually slim system that maximises the glazed area, enhancing the appeal of a façade. Slimline curtain walling system is ideal for a huge range of projects where glass is the main point. This system stands out for the predominance of glass compared to the profile. It is a modern system designed to maximize the glazed area and achieve a unique result on any facade.

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High Insulating Aluminium Curtain Wall

Curtain walls High insulated façade system offers highly thermally insulated solutions for designing diverse façades and skylights to passive house level, including optimised fabrication and installation processes.

With its high flexibility and broad system range, the system ensures mullion/transom constructions for the most varied functional and design requirements in high-end residential and commercial projects.

A transparent system solution integrated in the profile for spandrel safety barriers blends in seamlessly and elegantly into the external façade appearance. The required safety barrier loading for floor-to-ceiling opening units and low spandrel heights can be implemented with consistent profile face widths and a continuous profile.

A large selection of pressure plates and façade cover caps as well as the option of being combined with Schüco window, door and sliding systems offer additional ways of designing attractive building envelopes.

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