Traditional Spring Sash Windows

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Spring sash window is a modern alternative to box sash windows. It uses balance springs instead of weights and pulleys. Spring sash windows are being used in a traditional and modern houses, where the structure can’t accommodate the rebate of the traditional box sash window. It is the best choice to connect these two, from the first sight incompatible things- traditions and modern technologies. Spring sash window looks like traditional box window, just have slimmer frame and sightlines – making glass area larger, letting more sunlight into the building.
Spring sash windows are designed for a British homes, following all the traditions and customs. It can be made with any wood and color You wish, any size and hardware style You need.

  • A Energy Rated windows retaining traditional period features
  • Engineered timber providing excellent durability, all from certified, sustainable sources
  • High thermal, weather, security and acoustic performance
  • Elegant range of authentic glazing bars
  • 10 year paint guarantee
  • High security shoot bolt key locking mechanisms and night vent option
  • Wide range of glass options with Self Cleaning Glass and Noise Reduction
  • Quality components with market leading warranties in range of finishes
  • Woodgrain effects to choose from