Sliding doors

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Lift and slide door system is a popular choice for opening up large areas. A system lifts the panel off the sill enabling movement of large, heavy panels with very little effort.
• Easy to open, even if the doors are huge and heavy. It doesn’t affect the lightness of opening.
• Let the light come in a room
• Opening space
• Resistant to air and water infiltration
• Motorized operation available
• Non-corozive, high quality hardware
Our lift and slide doors are made by combining many years of experience, traditions and new technologies. Our production team has more than 10 years experience in the manufacture of wooden windows. It helps us to maintain very high quality and constantly improve our products. It can be made with any wood and color You wish, any size and hardware style You need.

  • Practical, space-saving design
  • FSC certified timber
  • Fully sealed to keep your home warm and minimise draughts.
  • Perfect for narrow openings, or as a feature in larger spaces
  • Available in Left hand or Right hand slide
  • Custom-made to suit your size requirements