Jansen Art 15



Jansen Art’15 is the result of years of collaboration with Europe’s top architects. When bringing to life truly one of-a-kind projects that are planned down to the finest details, world-class designers use Jansen steel windows,
doors and façades. Jansen Art’15 is an exclusive addition to these elegant profile systems for private interiors. The uninsulated steel profile system is perfect for the interior design of both existing buildings and new builds
and provides owners, architects and metal fabricators with room to generate creative ideas.

Jansen Art’15 is the ideal bridge between materials and efficiency. The wide variety is perfect for renovating a modern residential property. With the narrowest profile face widths of only 25 to 40 mm for fixed glazing and a
basic depth of 50 mm, intricate yet stable constructions with a large proportion of glass and excellent thermal insulation can be created. The ecological and sustainable properties of steel add additional value to the home. Steel impresses because of its positive characteristics, such as stability and longevity. The material can be reused indefinitely and is consequently seen as an environmentally responsible product. Steel guarantees longevity and is rightfully seen in a sustainable light.

  • Minimal face widths
  • Transparent room divider in the interior
  • Three design options
  • Basic depth of 50 mm
  • Very narrow face widths
  • Fixed glazing 25 mm
  • Door leaf 43 mm
  • Door meeting stile design 66 mm
  • Door leaf sizes up to 900 x 2400 mm
Jansen Art 15