Concept Wall 86


Concept Wall® 86 is an insulated and aesthetical curtain wall system that complies with all requirements for large building projects. For these building projects, the execution speed on the building site is very important. CW 86 therefore offers a special solution, where cassettes or elements can be pre-assembled in the workshop. On the building site, the cassettes can either be hooked on to a traditional stick structure (CW 86) or the façade can be built up element by element according to the modular curtain wall principle (CW 86-EF).

CW 86 is available in two glazing variants, with unique aesthetical features: Cassette Glazing (CG) variant holds the glass using glazing beads, while the glass of the Structural sealed Glazing (SG) variant is structurally bonded, offering a complete glass surface at the outside of the building.

The energetic performance of the system is offered in different levels, providing thermally insulated profiles also for the Structural sealed Glazing. Specific drainage methods like cascade drainage lift this façade up to the highest demands in water- and air tightness. This makes this system applicable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas and high altitudes.

Besides the seamless integration of different types of windows, doors and sun screening systems, CW 86 offers motorised solutions for its opening elements, such as top hung and parallel opening windows, providing a total solution for your façade.

  • Two glazing variants
  • Specific drainage method
  • Motorised solutions
  • Water tightness 900
  • Thermal insulation (Uf) 3,9 W/m²K
  • Different inner and outer colours are possible.
  • Acoustic performance(2) EN ISO 140-3; EN ISO 717-1 Rw (C; Ctr) = 41 (-2; -5) dB, other values depending on glazing type
  • Air permeability, max. test pressure 600Pa
  • Wind load resistance, max. test pressure 2000Pa
  • Impact resistance class I5 / E5